Manually Installing the ComponentΒΆ

If the server has the relatively strict PHP settings, such as a low value of upload_max_filesize or memory_limit, the installation by Upload Package File or Install from URL in Joomla! might fail. In this case, we can apply a manual method to install the component.

  1. Download the install package to the PC.
  2. Extract the package to have all source files.
  1. Login the website FTP or go to the File Manager of the the Host Control Panel.
  2. Create a new directory as membership in the /site_root/tmp folder.
  1. Upload all files which we have extracted in the step 2 to the new directory.

6. Go to the Joomla! menu Extensions –> Manage –> Install –> Install from Folder, enter the absolute path of the about membership folder, for example,

  1. Click the Check & Install button.

Then the component will be installed. Please enter the component and Install the Database.