Subscription Management

All membership/subscription plans are managed in the sidebar menu Subscription Plans. We can create the new plan by the New button, and also edit the existing plans by the editing buttons following each plan.

Basic Information

When creating a new plan, you need to configure the basic information. For each plan, we must define the title and the price package. Multiple price packages in the same plan are allowed. In the package, we can define the number of licenses with which the user can register the same number of accounts in the same subscription plan, and also the price. Generally, for the simple scenario, we only need one package which offers one license. In the case the front-end user just signup the subscription for his/her own account. The detailed explanation of the fields is as below.

Field Explanation
Title Title of the subscription plan
Display Name The plan name shown on the front-end registration form
Publish If the subscription is published
Ordering Defines the ordering of the plan in the front-end subscription list
Description Description of the subscription plan
Currency Currency of subscription plan price
Life Time Membership Defines if the membership is a lifetime one
Renewal Options If the plan is the auto-recurring subscription or one-off payment membership
Offering Trial Defines if the subscription has a trial period when it’s an auto recurring plan
Recurrence The unit of the subscription recurrence period
Length The length of each subscription recurrence period
Extra License Price The price the extra license under the same plan
Add Package At least a package is required to define the number of licenses and price of the plan
Package #x Different price options defining different license numbers and prices

Email Hook

After a plan is created, we can further configure its settings. We can define the email templates which are used for this specific subscription plan. Click the Email Hook button in the Hook column. There, we can specific the email template to use for each even. The email templates need to be configured in advance in the global Email Settings.

Affiliate Commissions

In the Affiliate Commissions setting in the Hook column, we can link the subscription plan to the affiliate program. Currently, it supports the integration with iDevAffiliate.